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W​e publish three​ BetterBook​s​ ​​​that cover the East ​and​ West Kootenays and Lethbridge Southern Alberta areas. ​View the BetterBooks with the links below​​ ​which feel like an actual phonebook, ​and will give you the ability to click on website links, and email addresses when you hover over the ads. U​se​ the search function ​to search by name, business name or the phone number. If you're feeling hungry, look for the menu page link below and find your culinary delight.

East Kootenay BetterBook cover

East Kootenay BetterBook

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West Kootenay BetterBook cover

West Kootenay BetterBook

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East Kootenay 50,000 West Kootenay 38,000 Lethbridge & Area 55,000

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